Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

First of all…my condolences go out to the Houston/Brown family. No one ever deserves or expects to lose their child, especially in such a tragic way. No matter the level of celebrity; this woman was someone’s child, sister, niece, cousin, and friend. They will forever remember the tragedy they had to heal from when they think of her.

As soon that it was known that Bobbi Kristina (BK) was on life support after being found in a bathtub her fiancé, Nick Gordon, was immediately under public scrutiny.  There were even reports that BK had bruises on her face from possibly being beaten before she was drowned. Nick Gordon had no other choice but to lawyer up and keep his mouth shut regarding the events leading up to the tragedy which ended BK’s life.

TMZ Report: Bobbi Kristina–Foul Play Criminal Investigation Underway…Boyfriend Targeted

Now that the autopsy report has finally been released, Nick and his legal team have finally felt the urge to speak out. Although the report was complete over a year ago; prosecutors kept it confidential. Why would they do such a thing? In order to keep BK’s ‘assumed’ murderer guilty until proven otherwise.

TMZ Report: Bobbi Kristina’s Boyfriend Nick Gordon: Prosecutors Hung Me Out to Dry

I am not in any way saying that I believe Nick Gordon is innocent or had no involvement regarding BK’s death. However, I am saying that we as a society shouldn’t assume people are guilty before they are proven to be guilty…or innocent…whatever.

Imagine if he is innocent. This man wasn’t allowed to see his girlfriend while she was on life support, mourn her at her funeral, or say goodbye before she died. All of this because her family, the media, and society labeled him as her ‘killer boyfriend’ before any evidence was present.

Our societies label of ‘guilt until proven innocent’ is bullshit…that is all.

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