My First Blog!

Here it is…my first blog! I am extraordinarily excited to begin this new journey in my life. Following dreams is something that my parents always advised against (because dreams don’t pay bills). BUT IM GROWN NOW! I pay bills, raise kids, go to school, and follow dreams. My goal is to keep my audience not only updated on the latest entertainment news; but you’ll also get my 2 cents along with it. *Dr. Evil laugh* Keep following my blog which will turn into a podcast, which will turn into a hosting job on a real radio station! Thank you for riding with me on this new chapter in my life.

Keep Smiling,



One thought on “My First Blog!

  1. otheloblog says:

    Hello. I just wanted to reply and let you know that somebody (me!) read your article. Very well written. Although this blog is not in my interests (entertainment news, blah!) but I still took the time to read some of your work. Keep at it never give up! Cheers.


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